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Sunday School Review

In the month of October, as we study the call unto covenant with God, the five lessons in the unit are drawn from the books of Genesis, Exodus, 2 Samuel, and Nehemiah. That illustrates God’s partnership with people who respond and agree to obey God’s voice. God enters into a covenant with Moses and David to work through history establishing a kingdom that will ultimately bring forth the Messiah. Students we will be studying: I Will Do This (Genesis 15:1-6 and 17-21), Be Ready (Exodus 19:16-25), A Covenant Is A Serious Thing (Exodus 20:18-26), A Much Bigger Plan (2 Samuel 7:1-6, 8-10, 12-16), and Sign On The Dotted Line (Nehemiah 9:32-38; 10:28-29).


See you in Sunday School!


Bro. Willie Beck, Superintendent

Dr. Charles E. Turner, Pastor\


Baptist Training Union

   Next Session is October 11th. Classes for all ages. COME AND BE BLESSED!!!


Quarterly Leaders Workshop
These sessions are for training, updates on ministries work, and vision casting/new ideas/ways to improve. Sessions (Tuesday after first Sunday, 6:30pm) are open to the church, but mandatory for leaders. 

MIME Ministry
All youth interested in participating in Mime Ministry, please see Brandie Broussard or Michelle Johnson immediately after service by the trophy display for additional details.



Hot off the Press

All persons who purchased a 2017 church t-shirt, return it to Sis Ida Dugas or Sis Daphne Walters. New t-shirts will be issued to replace the existing ones due to the printer's error.


Thanksgiving Baskets
Mission 1 will be taking donations early this year for our Thanksgiving Baskets. This month, we need your help with donations of cranberry sauce, canned yams, and rice (2lb bags). You may place your donations in the decorative boxes located in the vestibule, fellowship center and kitchen or given to Sis. Patricia Banks or Sis. Genevieve McFarland. We will also be accepting monetary donations. Thanks Missionary Ministry.