Church Announcements

Sunday School

The topic for the month of June is "God is Just and Merciful". We will be studying the following lessons: June 3 - Compliance vs. Compassion (Matthew 12:1-14); June 10 - You Reap What You Sow  (Matthew 13:24-33); June 17 - More Than Lip Service (Matthew 15:1-9); and June - The Tables Are Turned (Luke 16:19-31). See you in Sunday School

Bro Willie Beck, Supt.                                                                 Dr. Charles E. Turner, Pastor


Quarterly Leaders Workshop
These sessions are for training, updates on ministries work, and vision casting/new ideas/ways to improve. Sessions (Tuesday after first Sunday, 6:30pm) are open to the church, but mandatory for leaders. 

MIME Ministry
All youth interested in participating in Mime Ministry, please see Brandie Broussard or Michelle Johnson immediately after service by the trophy display for additional details.