Church History

A Brief History of New Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church

History of New Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church1st Sunday, September 1928

The New Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church was organized under the leadership of the late Reverend L.C. Crier.  The church was organized with a Board of Trustees, Deacons, Missionary Society, Sunday School, Baptist Training Union, Choir, and a Youth Program consisting of a Drill Squad and a Boy Scout Troop.  The membership numbered approximately 107, and the church was located at 1210 Meadow Street.

April 1930

The church continued to grow under the leadership of Reverend Crier, increasing to approximately two hundred (200) members. Pastor Crier led the congregation into a new sanctuary located at 3213 Lyons Avenue.  After 10 years of faithful service, he was called to rest on October 6, 1939.

December 1939

The late Reverend C.H. McCraw, our interim pastor, was elected to become the second pastor of our church family.  It was during this period that the Dramatic Club was organized for the young adults of the church.  Other auxiliaries were organized to meet the needs of the growing congregation.  The congregation continued to increase in numbers to approximately five hundred (500) members.  A larger edifice was needed to house the membership.

May 25, 1941

Under the leadership of Pastor McGraw, the congregation moved into a new frame sanctuary located adjacent to the 3213 Lyons Avenue location.  He was called from labor to reward before plans could be completed to brick the frame structure.

February 1944

The Reverend E.W. Whitfield, interim minister, was elected to become the third pastor of the congregation.  Under his leadership, the church became known throughout the nation.  The Youth Program of the church continued to grow, and many outstanding recognition’s achieved.  Pastor Whitfield resigned on the first Sunday in June 1957.  On this same date he organized the New Loyalty Baptist Church, serving as pastor until his call to rest.

Rev. O. L. HolidayJuly 9, 1957

The Reverend O.L. Holiday, a son of the church, became the fourth pastor of the church.  A new congregation was formed under the leadership of Pastor Holiday, the name New Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church was retained and the church was relocated to 3221 Bain Street.  On October 4, 1964, the congregation entered the new edifice on the corner of Bain and Linn Streets.  On the first Sunday in April 1966, Pastor Holiday resigned.


September 9, 1966 to September 18, 2010

The Reverend Wiley L. Dunn, Sr., another son of the church family was elected to become the fifth pastor of the congregation. Under his leadership significant progress was made.

Reverend Wiley L. Dunn, Sr.
  • In 1984 liquidation of a mortgage note in the amount of $190,000
  • On March 17, 1991, entrance service to a new sanctuary and Family Life Center with a valuation of $1.8 million dollars
  • Established a state licensed Day Care and Kindergarten Program
  • Founding Minister of the Mass Choir
  • On-going programs of evangelism, mission, family counseling, support and assistance.  In summary --- a total Christian Ministry for the whole person
  • Initiated a Scholarship Aid Program, assisting High School graduates to enter and complete their college education
  • Re-established the Drill Team, now nationally known as the Marching Saints
  • Fellowship Hall was renamed to the Wiley L. Dunn, Sr. Family Life Center
  • In 2003 burned mortgage note
  • Marriage Ministry Program initiated
  • Implemented the NPG Scholarship Foundation Program
  • Approved implementation of the Forgotten Ministry
  • Established the Young Men’s Auxiliary
On Sunday, April 22, 2012 the New Pleasant Grove Church family came together to vote for a pastor. On Monday, April 23, 2012 at 6:30 pm in the church sanctuary it was announced that Rev. Charles Elliott Turner, born in Nashville, Tennessee, coming from Shiloh Baptist Church in Hartford Connecticut, would be the sixth pastor of New Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church.

June 10, 2012

Rev. Charles E. Turner began his anointed assignment as pastor of New Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church.  He was officially installed as pastor on Sunday, September 23, 2012 at 3:30 in the afternoon.